Why Us

Interconex, Inc. is a full service household goods company. We specialize in international and domestic door-to-door household goods transportation.

Our global client base is made up of major companies in the fields of banking / finance, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, consumer products, construction, oil / gas drilling and refining, aerospace / defense contractors, computer / software related, mining and heavy machinery. Interconex is also a well-established and proven sub-contractor of choice for leading commercial and defense firms. The full range of services including international and domestic corporate moving services, route studies, arranging technical inspections, receiving, preparation of all necessary shipping documentation, transport by rail, truck, sea and air, customs clearance, delivery to site and management of material issuance at the site based on the scope of service desired is offered on a global basis.

With global coverage, including that of our Partner Network, Interconex has the ability to coordinate moves anywhere in the world within our own organization. The knowledge and dedication of our staff is one of our core strengths. Interconex possesses the expertise and global network required to provide reliable and seamless transportation and relocation services.

Fully versed and compliant with U.S. Trade Laws and Regulations, our commitment to quality and our ability to provide consistent superior levels of service, has resulted in long-term customer relationships. It is through our ability to develop and maintain systems and procedures to ensure compliance that Interconex has earned C-TPAT and TSA CSSP designations.

As further evidence of our commitment to quality, Interconex actively reviews its environmental policy through an environmental management system with a view to prevent, reduce, or mitigate harmful effects on nature and natural resources. The system is then monitored and audited to ensure that our aims are being achieved.

If compromise is not an option, Interconex is your solution.