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    August 8, 2019 Global Moving Solutions   

Interconex Celebrates 50 Years of Service to the Moving Industry

“We are very thankful for our clients, employees and supply chain. With their support we proudly have achieved this milestone and look forward to 100 years!” - Mike Keller, Owner

In 2019, Interconex achieved a milestone that is increasingly rare in the relocation industry. We are proudly celebrating 50 years of continuous operation in the household hoods moving business.  

Interconex was founded in 1969 in the financial district of New York City, with a mission to provide world-class moving services to Fortune 500 clients who were relocating their employees.

In 2000, the founding owners sold Interconex to a large financial institution and merged with another industry powerhouse, Interdean International Movers. For five years the company operated as Interdean.Interconex, with 67 offices in 45 countries. Rapid industry changes required a shift, and the companies separated, each to focus on their own individual strengths.

In December of 2005, Mike Keller and Grace Bishar saw an opportunity to acquire a successful company, to add under their umbrella, and took ownership.

“We went to bed on December 22nd, knowing we were sold, but we did not know to whom. The next day we were relieved to learn that we were now owned by well-known and respected industry veterans.” - Alex Talbot, Executive Vice President.

The new ownership, led by President, Chris Meyer and Executive Vice President, Alex Talbot quickly moved forward and took the firm to the next level. They focused on improving quality via adopting a service chain philosophy, while pushing the technology team to give the staff what they needed to deliver the highest level of customer service.

“We are very fortunate to have the brightest team who played a vital role in shaping Interconex into what it is today.”  - Chris Meyer, President

Furthermore, 20+ years ago, Interconex leadership saw an opportunity to expedite services and reduce double handling on storage in the U.S. domestic market and developed their Domestic Containerized Moving Program that is now the very popular and paragon U.S. alternative transportation solution.

 “Domestic Containerized Moving continues to prove its value by its dramatic growth, year after year, for the past decade.” - Alex Talbot, Executive Vice President

Fifty years of perfecting global and domestic moving allowed Interconex to see the smoke before the fire. Leading the way with services such as, domestic containerized moving and virtual surveys has enabled Interconex to be a buffer to the stress of moving. FIDI FAIM approved processes, knowledgeable team members and leading technology allows Interconex customers to focus on their day and not worry about the move. When No Noise is Key, Experience is Everything.

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