Destination Services

Interconex has been serving Fortune 500 companies since 1969. Whether it be Chicago to Omaha or Shanghai to Brussels, Interconex has been the solution for getting transferee's belongings safely transported. We are also proud to be able to offer Destination Services around the globe for our clients and partners; a natural fit for our clients and the people they are moving to provide a seamless transition in their new location. We can deliver a full spectrum of quality services for assignees including: temporary furnished housing, area tours, orientation, settling in services and more. In addition to reducing costs, combining household goods and DSP services also reduces the amount of people your transferee is involved with, which reduces the amount of times they have to provide the same information, making them more productive and relieving stress.

Our independence allows Interconex to work with the best partners around the world; just like our great Global Move Specialists, they play a huge role in making us as successful as we are.

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Welcome packet and information on assignment location; tours of neighborhoods and typical housing; school tours and information (if applicable); locating grocery stores, medical facilities, places of worship etc.; security briefing.


Needs analysis; pre-screening properties (within budget); accompanied property viewings; lease negotiations; utility connections; walk-through support; furniture rental assistance (if needed).


A briefing on different school systems; organizing appointments with administrators; accompanying to the schools; assisting with enrollment.


Bank account setup; registration with local authorities; driver's license and vehicle registration; car lease/purchase assistance; public transportation assistance; telephone and utility setups; registration of public utilities; auto and home liability insurance assistance; assistance with sourcing local services (legal, landscape, home maintenance, domestic staff, etc.); expat networking association assistance.


Any combination of the above services already listed under area tour/orientation, home finding, school search and settling in.


Ground transportation for relocating employee and/or family to a hotel, temporary housing, permanent residence or other destination. This service can be provided as part of a bundled area tour, home finding or settling in program, or provided a la carte.


Lease termination/ cancellation; security deposit return; property inspection on move-out; cancellation of utilities and return of deposit (if applicable); deregistration with local authorities (if applicable); deregistration of schooling and club memberships (if applicable); coordinate repairs.


With access to over 30,000 locations globally, we can find the perfect place for your relocating transferees to call home for a short or extended stay.