We recommend insurance to provide protection for all of your belongings during your move. The Interconex insurance policy, which is an all-risk, door-to-door policy with no deductible, covers the shipment from the time it is packed to the time it is unpacked in the new residence, based on a Valued Inventory List (VIL). This VIL is a comprehensive list of all items being shipped with a value attached to each item. In this way, all of your belongings will be insured for their full replacement value. We can also tailor an insurance program around your specific policies and requirements by providing various insurance alternatives.

In the event of a claim, please notify the Interconex Global Move Specialist immediately. The Global Move Specialist will put you in contact with our In-House claims department who will begin the process of handling your unfortunate claim. The In-House claims department gives us the ability to swiftly resolve claims quicker than the industry norm. Claims are settled upon receipt of appropriate repair bills or estimates. Claims are reported to Interconex but can be adjusted by the underwriter. Interconex may assign a professional surveyor who will gather all documentation and coordinate the final settlement with the underwriters.

For additional information on your insurance coverage, please check our Insurance Program.