Our People

Interconex recognizes the importance of its employees as its most valued company resource and strives to create a positive and rewarding environment. Happy employees typically correlate with satisfied customers, resulting in long-term client relationships. Within the service provider business model under which it operates, it is critical to the company's success that the Interconex staff be client-focused and customer-centric.

Therefore Interconex carefully recruits and staffs its Client Services Team with individuals who possess a passion and a zeal for customer service. It is Interconex's belief that as an organization it can train most technical job skills. However experience has shown that it is more important to recruit individuals with customer service passion and provide a work environment that supports this passion.

Interconex's customer service representatives (Global & Domestic Move Specialists) have an average of 16 years of industry experience with the average annual turnover being less than 3%.