Beyond Boxes

47 years of relocating professionals, whether across town or halfway around the world has shown us that a little extra care goes a long way. Over the years we have added services that go beyond the move to help get your team members settled in quickly, which allows them to focus all of their energy on their new position.

When it comes to relocation expenses, household goods movement is one of the most costly line items. Interconex offers several programs and services to help reduce this major expense.

Our Discard and Donate Program, powered by Home Sweet Home, reduces the amount of household goods being shipped. Savings of five to 15% are not uncommon and add up to measurable cost reductions right from the start. Beyond the cost savings, we are also reducing the transferee's time and potential stress. This is especially helpful with relocation to areas where the housing is smaller than their current homes.

Our partnership with Move For Hunger, which helps deliver foods that cannot be shipped to people in need, allows us to offer another valuable service. Besides having one less thing to worry about, this program is very rewarding for all involved.

Interconex offers services that provide a fast track for getting everyone settled in and focused on moving forward.
  • Put away and organization services.
  • 3rd party installation for electronics and other home accessories.
  • Installation of lighting or wall fixtures.
  • Professional Cleaning Services take the mess out of the move once our crews have gone.