Green Initiatives
Interconex is committed to operating practices that have minimal impact on the environment as it improves the quality of the environment that we all live in. We place a high importance on environmental goals and for decades have developed strategies for green procurement policies and programs that will in turn conserve natural resources, materials and energy and maximize recyclability and recycled content.

We continually raise staff awareness on the environmental issues and provide relevant information and training, select suppliers based on their ability to offer environmentally preferable products at competitive prices, and look to partners to consider their environmental impact.

As part of our environmental program, Interconex is very proud of our long-standing partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. We plant one tree in one of our nationís forests for every shipment booked with us. Since the inception of the program, Interconex has thus far funded nearly thirty nine thousand trees!

We also partner with Move For Hunger, which not only helps keep people from going hungry, but also reduces food waste. It is estimated that 14% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions could be eliminated by reducing food waste.

Please join us in protecting one of our national treasures and by ensuring that our business activities are implemented with the future of our environment in mind.

Environmental Policy