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We have provided a standard "cube" measure for each type of item. This cube estimates the volume required for shipping. The total cube volume is multiplied by a standard density factor to generate a weight estimate. Our years of experience have determined this to be a highly accurate way to estimate shipping weight.

This calculator can help you estimate the total weight of your shipped belongings. For each type of item, enter the number of pieces being shipped by air and/or by sea. Once you have entered all items, click the Calculate button at the bottom of the form to get a weight estimate. The calculation may take a few seconds. Note that this is only an estimate and should not be considered exact billable weight.

Please click below to navigate from one section to another.
# of Pieces LIVING ROOM Cube Total Cube
Air Land/Sea Article Air Land/Sea
Bar, portable
Bench, piano
Bookshelves, section
Cabinet, curio
Chair, straight
Chair, arm
Chair, rocker
Chair, occasional
Chair, overstuffed
Chest, cedar
Clock, grandfather
Day bed
Desk, winthrop
Desk, secretary
DVD player
Fireplace equipment
Foot stool
Hall tree, rack
Hall tree, large
Lamp, floor
Lamp, table
Music cabinet
Piano, baby grd / upr
Piano, grand
Piano, spinet / console
Radio, table
Rug, small
Rug, medium
Rug, large
Sofa, rattan / wicker
Sofa, sectional
Sofa, loveseat
Sofa, 3-cushion
Sofa, hide-a-bed
Stereo, component
Stereo, console
Table, occasional
Table, coffee
Table, end
Television stand
TV, portable
TV, table model
TV, console
TV, big screen
TV, stand
# of Pieces DINING ROOM Cube Total Cube
Air Land/Sea Article Air Land/Sea
Bench, harvest
Buffet (base)
Hutch (top)
Cabinet, corner
Dining table
Dining chair
Tea cart
# of Pieces BEDROOM Cube Total Cube
Air Land/Sea Article Air Land/Sea
Bed, waterbed base
Bed, head board / foot board
Bed, rollaway
Bed, single
Bed, double
Bed, queen
Bed, king
Bunk, set of 2
Chair, boudoir
Chair, rocker
Chaise lounge
Chest, bachelor
Chest, cedar
Chest, armoire
Desk, winthrop
Dresser, vanity
Dresser, single
Dresser, double
Dresser, triple
Night table
Wardrobe, small
Wardrobe, medium
Wardrobe, large
# of Pieces NURSERY Cube Total Cube
Air Land/Sea Article Air Land/Sea
Baby carriage
Bed, youth
Chair, childs
Chair, high
Chest, toy
Crib, baby
Table, childs
# of Pieces APPLIANCES Cube Total Cube
Air Land/Sea Article Air Land/Sea
Freezer, 10 cft or less
Freezer, 11-15
Freezer, 16 or over
Fridge, 6 cft or less
Fridge, 7-10 cft
Fridge, 11 cft or over
Stove, kitchen
Vacuum cleaner
Washing machine
Dryer, gas or electric
# of Pieces KITCHEN Cube Total Cube
Air Land/Sea Article Air Land/Sea
Breakfast chair
Breakfast table
Chair, high
Ironing Board
Kitchen cabinet
Microwave oven
Serving cart
Utility cabinet
# of Pieces PORCH/GARAGE Cube Total Cube
Air Land/Sea Article Air Land/Sea
BBQ grill, small
BBQ grill, medium
BBQ grill, large
Chair, aluminum
Chair, metal
Chair, wood
Garden hose / tools
Ladder, 6' step
Ladder, 8' step
Ladder, extension
Lawn mower, hand
Lawn mower, power
Lawn mower, riding
Lawn mower, HP
Leaf sweeper
Outdoor child slide
Outdoor child gym
Outdoor dry racks
Outdoor swings
Picnic table
Picnic bench
Roller, lawn
Sand box
Table, small
Table, large
# of Pieces MISCELLANEOUS Cube Total Cube
Air Land/Sea Article Air Land/Sea
Basket, clothes
Bowling ball / bag
Card table
Computer equipment
Cot, folding
Desk, office
Filing cabinet, 2-door
Filing cabinet, 4-door
Game table
Golf bag
Metal shelves
Ping pong table
Pool table, comp.
Pool table, slate
Power tool, hand
Power tool, stand
Sewing machine, portable
Sewing machine, console
Sewing machine, w/cabinet
Table, utility
Toolchest, small
Toolchest, medium
Toolchest, large
Trash can
Wagon, childs
Work bench
# of Pieces CARTONS Cube Total Cube
Air Land/Sea Article Air Land/Sea
Dish pack
Carton 1.5
Carton 3.1
Carton 4.5
Carton 6
Crib mattress
Single mattress
Double mattress
King / Queen mattress
Approximate Shipping Volume and Weight
US System Metric System
Air Land/Sea Units Air Land/Sea Units
Volume cft Volume m3
Density lbs/cft Density kg/m3
Weight lbs Weight kg3
Use Calculate to recalculate when you only need to make a few item changes.